For the fifth time in series the World Carving Session Europe is hosted by Silvretta Montafon. In 2013 over 200 hardboot snowboarders joint the event to withstand snowstorms, ice and wind successfully with their unbowed enthusiasm for carving to make the World Carving Session 2013 another incomparable event. On the contrary, the World Carving Session Europe had to deal with the very early onset of spring in 2014. Due to the high temperatures not only eager snowboarders were tempted to forget about the ongoing winter season but also snow could not help but fade away – especially on the slope, which had been exclusively reserved for participants of the World Carving Session in the previous years. Thus, only one week before the event its taking place was not assured, but the management of Silvretta Montafon naturally offered a great solution: a new location for the base at the top of the new slope for the World Carving Session, which captivated the participants not just by the presence of snow but rather by the perfect carving and training conditions. Thanks to Silvretta Montafon the bad snow situation turned out to even enhance the conditions for the event: The better slope and a perfectly exposed and accessible base appealed not only to the participant but also to all exhibitors.

Nearly 200 hardboot snowboarders from different countries and continents found their way to the World Carving Session from March 14th to 16th in 2013. As a matter of course most guests are Europeans mostly from Austria, Germany and Switzerland but also from France, Italy, Liechtenstein and Poland. Moreover the WCS welcomed participants with American, Latvian, Korean, Russian and Turkish roots. The participants’ interest in new material and technical input was immense, for which reason the numerous exhibitors as well as the trainers got their hands full. 7 snowboard manufacturers provided their material: F2, Goltes, Oxess, Plasma, Pure Boarding, Virus and Xtasy. Carvers Paradise offered a variety of hardboot equipment like tools, boots and bindings while Carve Company completed the variety of products by custom-made snowboard suits, which are exclusively developed to withstand the special stresses which are exposed to the suits by carving.

Since the World Carving Session aims to be a platform for hardboot snowboarders of all styles the organization team always tries to offer trainings for different snowboard styles and levels: Lothar Nestler - the organizer of the Carving Masters - offered his knowledge to all friends of narrow boards and high speed, while Ursula Bruhin introduced race techniques to all interested snowboarders as a four time world champion. The Swiss snowboard legend Joerg Egli, who owns the snowboard school Pure Boarding as well as the correspondent snowboard manufacturing, supported the event as every year together with his team. He and his teachers offered various clinics for the special Pureboarding style, which is influenced by some surf elements. With their year long experience in teaching the team did not hesitate to accept the challenge to introduce the passion of carving not only to well-experienced hardboot snowboarders but also to newcomers from skiers and softboot snowboarding.

On Friday, when first exhibitors at the base decided to wear shorts, the snow withstood the heat and offered perfect carving conditions in best sunny weather during the whole day. Attracted by the great conditions the participants arrived very early on the mountain on Saturday to enjoy the major day of the world carving session. While the exhibitors had a hard time to manage the interest in test rides on their demo material, the participants enjoyed a perfect carving day on sunny slopes - especially on the exclusively reserved slope for the World Carving Session - or used the time for a chat at the base or a little sun bath. As every year the most courageous snowboarders met in the afternoon for the Fun-Contest: male and female snowboarders of all ages tried to show the lowest lay down carve underneath a limbo pole including an individual trick afterwards. The victory was hard-fought, but finally the competition was won by Rolf Weibel (male run) and Alissa Gebhardt (female run) both with the remarkable hight of 33cm. A special delight for the organization team was the bright diversity of participants – the youngest snowboarder of the World Carving Session, 12-year old Nils Pauli, participated as well as 78-years old Hans Glanzmann, who gives the World Carving Session every year the favor of his presence – and shows the younger generations not just how to maintain fitness but also how to carve. The day ended with the common diner in the valley with good music, food and conversations.

After the fabulous Saturday and great carving hours on Sunday morning, the event could not be affected by the upcoming clouds and wind in the afternoon, when most carvers decided to finish another spectacular with a drink in one of the restaurants around the base.

The team of the World Carving Session thanks all participants, exhibitors, helpers and the management of Silvretta Montafon for another unique and fantastic event and is looking forward to welcome you in 2015.

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