World Carving Session. The story behind

From the usa to europa and back into USA

In the USA the 'Expression Session' where a success story. So, WCS brought the idea to europe. We started 2003 with the first event at Lech (Austria) where over 200 hardboot snowboarders carved the slopes. Since then and because we felt the big feeling, we are organizing the World Carving Session in Europe (Lech/A, St. Moritz/CH and since years Davos/CH). Since 2010 the WCS is organized at Silvretta-Montafon (A).

The name is the program to clarify that such events can take place all over the World and on the other hand carving should be the thing that connects and gives an identity to the hardboot community. So far these events have taken place in every location in the world. We established the 'Expression Session and the 'World Carving Session' to one event and where in this term going back to the root.

The World Carving Session is independent

Pure Boarding is the grounder and organisator of this event. But the idea is to give a special and open event to the fascinating sport of hardboot snobboarding. This event is open to all Developer and Riders. It should be a great coming togehter where good people have a great reunion, ride together, testing some new material and of of corse have a perfect time together.

The World Carving Session (WCS) should bea a worldwide brand that shout out "the hardboot snowboard scene is more than alive".

The Brand WCS needs power. We search new destinations. And we try to give a worldwide interesting to this fascinating platform. So we work profit-oriented that we can invest the money into the brand.